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Vallely Barnyard
Pro: Mike Vallely
Company: World Industries
c. 1989

top graphic

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if pigs were that color? It would be even funnier if I was, and I’m close. I want to see a fluorescent farm. (I’m doing a lot of writing these days). Once I saw a group of chickens on a farm when I was hitchhiking in Indiana. This graphic must’ve been from the time period when Mike was a vegetarian. He said my name had been mentioned a couple times around his household. Kosick was shooting his skating, and I waited at the bottom of the hill to catch his board when he bailed. Kosick bought me a pizza for the deal. When you start to write a review and it gets caught up. That’s when you hit delete and start over. That’s how it goes… writing requires a shit load of writing.—Earl Parker

This shit from way back rules. It lacks a pretty pony and dime store quartet. (The reason I can write like that is because I’m the man). That grind Vallely did on the parking lot rail ruled in that video. I could only slide it.—Earl Parker

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